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This page is a work in progress, but will eventually include information about staging and training. Briefly, Staging is a 2 day orientation with your group in one of the major US cities that the Peace Corps has a regional office in. Training is the 2-3 months of training you will receive in your assigned Peace Corps country, and it consists of language, culture, technical, health, safety, and more.

Check back with us soon for more information.

Staging Information
Staging Cities -- provides a spreadsheet that identifies what US city each country stages in prior to departing the country

What Happens During Staging -- will provide a detail description of what generally goes on during any given staging (leaving out things that may be country specific)

Training Information
Training FAQs -- quick questions to give you a brief idea of what training is

What is Training? -- will provide a detailed description of what training consists of, length, living situations, what is learned