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Peace Corps Volunteers work in health projects providing maternal and child health services, nutrition and hygiene messages, organizational support at community clinics, and education about prevention of infections and vaccine-preventable diseases. Volunteers also help expand access to clean water and improve sanitation by advising communities how to build and maintain wells and latrines. By focusing on prevention, human capacity building, and education, Peace Corps Volunteers help improve basic healthcare at the grassroots level, where their impact can be the most significant and where health needs are most pressing. In helping communities take more responsibility for their own healthcare, Volunteers work to ensure the sustainability of their projects.

In addition to working on basic health issues, Volunteers address the impact from the global pandemic of HIV/AIDS. Volunteers in HIV/AIDS education and prevention train youth as peer educators, collaborate with community leaders to develop appropriate education strategies, provide support to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and develop programs that provide support to families and communities affected by the disease. Volunteers do not provide direct medical care.

The majority of Peace Corps Volunteers serving in health programs have a bachelor's degree (which can be in any discipline) and experience in health-related activities or a degree in health education, nutrition, dietetics, or another health-related discipline. Some applicants have a master's degree in public health, and some are registered nurses, physician's assistants, counselors, or teachers.

Specific Opportunities

Health Extension
Volunteers raise awareness for health education.

Public Health Education
Volunteers teach public health in classrooms and model methodologies and subjects for primary and secondary school teachers.

Water and Sanitation Extension
Volunteers help communities to provide hygiene education, potable-water storage facilities, and awareness of water and sanitation issues.

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