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<pre>{{Health care and safety by country}}</pre>
no need add the country ...template will parse
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See also: [[Somalia]]
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| colspan="2" align="center" | '''<big>Health care and safety in [[{{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]] </big>'''
|The Peace Corps’ highest priority is maintaining the good health and safety of every Volunteer and trainee. Medical programs emphasize the preventive, rather than the curative approach to disease.
Serving as a Volunteer overseas entails certain safety and security risks. Living and traveling in an unfamiliar environment, a limited understanding of the local language and culture, and the perception of being a wealthy American are some of the factors that can put a Volunteer at risk.
*[[Packing list for {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Training in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]] 
*[[Living conditions and volunteer lifestyles in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Health care and safety in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Diversity and cross-cultural issues in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[FAQs about Peace Corps in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[History of the Peace Corps in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
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