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|project=Women and Youth Development Scholarship Program
This proposal is for the Peace Corps volunteer-run Scholarship Program, Women and Youth Development (WYD). It is a country-wide initiative involving a partnership with three local organizations, and three independent consultants invested in improving the lives of young Salvadoran women. These local partners form the Board of Directors.
The purpose is dual-faceted:
Cotacachi is known for its leather markets.
1. To provide academic scholarships and technical training to underprivileged, young Salvadoran women pursuing their middle school, high school, and university degrees; and
2. To ensure the sustainability of the Program through a local partnership made up of the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors and the Ministry of Education (MINED) will contribute 62.1% of the total operating costs of the scholarship program. The Board will be responsible for soliciting local businesses to fund the Program; select scholars based upon their applications; plan and implement the technical training workshop and annual ceremony; and provide funds for overhead operating costs. MINED will provide high school tuition for the 12 high school scholars.
Through monies raised by the Partnership Program, WYD will provide the funds to the scholars to continue their formal education, to attend the WYD technical training workshop and annual ceremony, and maintain the WYD Program’s overhead operating costs.

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Cotacachi, Located in::Ecuador
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Cotacachi is known for its leather markets.