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#REDIRECT[[History of the Peace Corps in Armenia]]
|project=Expansion of Rainwater Harvesting System
The goal of this project is to expand the capacity of a rainwater harvesting system that facilitates the teaching of organic vegetable production to sustenance farmers in Ghana. The Abrono Organic Farming Project (ABOFAP) is currently harvesting rainwater from the ABOFAP warehouse roof. The rainwater harvesting system consists of two 10,000-liter polytanks. The staff of ABOFAP would like to double the capacity of the current system by adding two more 10,000-liter polytanks.
ABOFAP is a small non-governmental organization that has been educating farmers in organic techniques such as vegetative compost, Neem insect repellent, and plant tea for the past eight years. During the last two years ABOFAP has provided practical, hands-on training in organic vegetable production in a demonstration garden located next to its office.
The staff of ABOFAP used the harvested rainwater from the current system during the dry season of 2008. The harvested rainwater met the crop watering requirement for only a third of the demonstration garden during the entire dry season period. ABOFAP would like to expand the rainwater harvesting system to allow for year-round cultivation of vegetables in the entire demonstration garden. The anticipated increase in the capacity of the rainwater harvesting system will provide the staff of ABOFAP with extra rainwater during periods of prolonged drought.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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