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FOT was established in 1991 as a means for Tanzanians and non-Tanzanians to work together, learn from each other, learn more about Tanzania and to support worthy projects in Tanzania -- giving back to a country many of us have come to love. Many of us (and that is nearly 400 all over the USA) are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers; others are former Teachers for East Africa or volunteers with various other secular or religious organizations. More recently, members are travelers or commercial sector visitors and employees formerly in Tanzania. We have always welcomed Tanzanians, several of whom have served on our Board and Committees and who are vital for our success.

FOT is a non-profit charitable and educational organization, a 501(c)(3). Our membership dues of $15 per year have continued to cover all our operating expenses since we started in 1991 due to our increasing membership. 100% of all donations we receive from FOT members goes to help support development projects in Tanzania. Each year FOT is able to send about $30,000 to support such projects and an additional $15,000 is given for specific projects in our Member Designated Program.


Our goals are:

1. To identify and support worthy projects in Tanzania. 2. To collect and disseminate information on the life, culture and development of Tanzania. 3. To bring together people interested in supporting Tanzania.


Friends of Tanzania (FOT) demonstrates its commitment to Tanzania's development by assisting the efforts of Tanzanian groups and organizations who are engaged in community development and educational projects. We were privileged to live and work in Tanzania, now we are pleased to offer some continuing support to Tanzanians working to become more self-sufficient.

Friends of Tanzania has approved more than 253 projects from 1991 through 2012 with its regular grant funding for a total of $274,553. In addition our members contributed $153,625 for 22 member sponsored projects. Over this 21 year period, FOT has contributed a total of $428,178 to the people of Tanzania.


Friends of Tanzania was recognized with the National Peace Corps Association's 2012 Loret Miller Ruppe Country of Service Group Award.


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