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The Peace Corps is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, including provisions of the Act providing individuals with the right to request records created by the Peace Corps and other federal agencies.

The following articles contain documents that were requested from Peace Corps, via the FOIA, and are therefore in public domain.

FOIA Docs Pending and Closed (edited on this page)

Case #
Request Summary
Dated filed
Date # assigned
Date PC response

FOIA #10-038 Peace Corps Digital Library Information Dec 29 2009 Dec 30 2009 Mar 22 2010
FOIA #10-023 Peace Corps Partnership Program ' and any reports published by the

Office of Private Sector Initiatives (OPSI) in addition to the Building Bridges newsletter since January 2007

Nov 5 2009 Nov 9 2009 Dec 10 2009
FOIA #10-019 Peace Corps Directory and Political Appointee listing Oct 30 2009 Dec 15 2009
FOIA #09-127 Political Appointee listing and memos Sept 23 2009 Sept 23 2009 Oct 10 2009

FOIA Docs Pending and Closed (based on semantic info in the FOIA template on particular FOIA request pages)

FOIA filing date FOIA assignment date FOIA response date FOIA appeal date FOIA agent
FOIA 05104 Sheila Wright
FOIA 08034 Allison Tanaka
FOIA 08035 Matthew Olsen
FOIA 08064 Allison Tanaka
FOIA 09085 Allison Tanaka
FOIA 09127 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10019 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10023 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10038 Denora Miller
FOIA 10053 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10065 Denora Miller
FOIA 10072 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10075 Denora Miller
FOIA 10076 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10078 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10103 Anthony Washington
FOIA 10124 Denora Miller
FOIA 10126 Denora Miller
FOIA 10127 Denora Miller
FOIA 10128 Denora Miller
FOIA 10161 Denora Miller
FOIA 11043
FOIA 11044 Denora Miller
FOIA 11053 Candice Allgaier
FOIA 11058 Denora Miller
FOIA 11059
FOIA 11060
FOIA 11061 Denora Miller
FOIA 11113
FOIA 11114 Candice Allgaier


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