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US Peace Corps

Status: ACTIVE

American Overseas Staff (FY2010): FP 03 (Claussen, Robert, H, $ 99,449), FP 02 (Saarlas, Kristin, N, $ 138,137), FP 01 (Diallo, Nwando, S, $ 123,156)

Latest Early Termination Rates (FOIA 11-058):

(2008 47 %), , , 

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The East African nation of Ethiopia was one of the first countries to invite Peace Corps to establish its program in 1962, just one year after the Peace Corps was founded. The primary focus of the program was on education, with the goal of training skilled workers and promoting economic development. In addition, Volunteers worked in agriculture, basic education, tourism, health, economic development and teaching English as a foreign language.


Peace Corps History

Main article: History of the Peace Corps in Ethiopia

Peace Corps/Ethiopia is one of the oldest Peace Corps programs. The first group of Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Ethiopia (including present-day Eritrea) in September 1962, with 279 secondary school teachers. Volunteers worked in both secondary and vocational/technical schools, with others working in the health, small business, rural development, law, and agriculture sectors. From 1962 to 1977, Peace Corps/Ethiopia was one of the largest Peace Corps programs in the world. More than 3,000 Volunteers served in the country before Peace Corps terminated the program in 1977 due to the unstable political situation.

2008 Volunteer Survey Results

How personally rewarding is your overall Peace Corps service? Rank:
Today would you make the same decision to join the Peace Corps? Rank:
Would you recommend Peace Corps service to others you think are qualified? Rank:
Do you intend to complete your Peace Corps service? Rank:
How well do your Peace Corps experiences match the expectations you had before you became a Volunteer? Rank:
Would your host country benefit the most if the Peace Corps program were---? Rank:

Living Conditions and Volunteer Lifestyle

Main article: Living conditions and volunteer lifestyles in Ethiopia

As a Volunteer, you will most likely live in a peri-urban or small town and have electricity and a water source at your house, although these services suffer frequent outages and shortages in Ethiopia. When it comes to your housing, you should not lose sight of the guiding goal of the Peace Corps. Maintain your focus on service to the people of Ethiopia and not on the level of your accommodations.


Main article: Training in Ethiopia

Pre-service training (PST) will be busy for everyone. Often you will work over eight hours a day before returning to your host family in the evening. Be prepared for a rigorous and full schedule. Training will be conducted by Ethiopian staff members and current Volunteers who will serve as valuable resources for dealing with the many questions that will arise. PST covers five major topics:

Health Care and Safety

Main article: Health care and safety in Ethiopia

The Peace Corps’ highest priority is maintaining the good health and safety of every Volunteer. Peace Corps medical programs emphasize the preventive, rather than the curative, approach to disease. The Peace Corps in Ethiopia maintains a clinic with a full-time medical officer, who takes care of Volunteers’ primary health care needs. Additional medical services, such as testing and basic treatment, are also available in Ethiopia at local hospitals. If you become seriously ill, you will be transported either to an American-standard medical facility in the region or to the United States.

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues

Main article: Diversity and cross-cultural issues in Ethiopia

The Peace Corps staff in Ethiopia recognizes the adjustment issues that come with diversity and will endeavor to provide support and guidance. During pre-service training, several sessions will be held to discuss diversity and coping mechanisms. We look forward to having male and female Volunteers from a variety of races, ethnic groups, ages, religions, and sexual orientations, and hope that you will become part of a diverse group of Americans who take pride in supporting one another and demonstrating the richness of American culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Main article: FAQs about Peace Corps in Ethiopia

Packing List

Main article: Packing List for Ethiopia

Peace Corps News

Current events relating to Peace Corps are also available by country of service or your home state

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Peace Corps' New Mission - Huffington Post

Peace Corps' New Mission
Huffington Post
That's awesome. Ericka_Hart April 01, 2014 18:56 I served in Peace Corps Ethiopia and was responsible for bringing light to African American and Queer volunteers! Loved my service! Do the Peace Corps! FlorOrtega April 01, 2014 18:56 Good Job Nishant!

Peace Corps director encourages Lehigh University students to join program - The Express-Times

Peace Corps director encourages Lehigh University students to join program
The Express-Times
U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent and his wife, Pam, met Hessler-Radelet while visiting a Peace Corps program in Ethiopia last summer. Pam Dent encouraged Hessler-Radelet to visit the Lehigh Valley to promote the Peace Corps. ?The Peace Corps really represents ...

and more »
Glenvar grad Jackie Suits is in Ethopia with the Peace Corps - Roanoke Times

Glenvar grad Jackie Suits is in Ethopia with the Peace Corps
Roanoke Times
Glenvar graduate Jackie Suits is a US Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Ethiopia from June 2012-August 2014. She is an Education Volunteer working to improve English Language programs in primary and high schools. She is assigned to a small town ...

and more »

( As of Thursday April 24, 2014 )

Country Fund

Contributions to the Ethiopia Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Ethiopia. These projects include water and sanitation, agricultural development, and youth programs.

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