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|project=Chicken Raising Income Generation
Over 500 students at a local government secondary school in Tanzania’s Lindi region learn in extremely difficult environments. Students do not have access to basic resources such as enough desks and chairs, accurate books, and updated laboratory equipment. The school, like many others in the region, suffers from a lack of teachers because many are hesitant to work in such harsh living conditions. Combined, these factors put even the brightest students at a disadvantage.
Hypothetically, many of these problems could be solved, but unfortunately the school does not have the financial means to assist. It has accumulated debt throughout the years, and the government has yet to pay the school its allocation for the year 2008. Though the allocation is the largest source of financial support for the school there is no certainty that it will arrive. Therefore, the school is in need of income generation that is independent from the government stipend.
This school is requesting funds to begin raising chickens as an income-generating project. Funds are needed to build a pen and to purchase materials such as starter chickens and medicine to keep them healthy. Local chickens will be raised and meat and eggs, which are in low supply and high demand will be sold in the neighboring village. All income generated from this project will go directly to the school to help provide students with adequate resources and give them the opportunity to succeed.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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