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Dates: 6/1982 - 10/1984 Position: Inland Fisheries Advisor Salary: Volunteer Stipend Supervisor: A.J. Simpson (Pitkin) Title: Assistant Peace Corps Director Cameroon Reason for leaving: Contract ended after two years

Assigned to the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries in Bui Division in the Northwest Province of Cameroon, West Africa.


1) Increased the number of farmers involved in the fisheries management program from fifty two to two hundred seven. 2) Organized fish culture farmer groups and applied for and received a United States Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.) grant for tools. 3) Coordinated & transported by motorcycle 8406 Cyprinus carpio, 1200 Tilapia nilotica, and 965 Clarias lazera fingerlings from fisheries stations to farmers some 90 to 140 kilometers away. 4) Wrote illustrated and had published a twenty one page Farmers Pond Management and Record Booklet.(concepts covered are stocking rates, polyculture, feeding, composting, harvesting and record keeping) 5) Organized two farmers field days with U.S.A.I.D. to help encourage good pond management practices. 6) Repaired three fingerling holding tanks in Bui Division.


1) Technical advisor in animal husbandry to the Valentines Young Farmers Five C Club.(like the 4H Club except is live in and for orphans & extremely poor children). 2) Generated interest in the Clubs rabbit project. a) Initial funding for the rabbit project was from the American Embassy Self Help Fund for 99,000 francs CFA for building materials. b) Applied for and was granted 133,600 francs CFA for additional housing and fencing from Heifer Project International(HPI). H.P.I. also donated four bucks and six does to help prevent inbreeding. c) Coordinated and overlooked the Clubs rabbit project. d) Designed and assisted in building the rabbit brooder hutches. e) Assisted Dr. Steven Lukfahr (H.P.I. small animal specialist)in a rabbit training seminar and follow up work. f) Within two years the project had sold over 120 rabbits mostly for breeding purposes. 3) Generated interest in the Clubs goat project. a) This project was initially funded by the American Embassy Self Help Fund for 60,000 francs CFA for a goat house. b) H.P.I. donated one pure breed Saanen buck, three Saanen does and one pure breed Toggenberg doe. Since makeityourring diamond rings that time eight pure breed goats have been born and local/pure breed crosses are being tried. c) Coordinated and assisted the H.P.I. goat expert in giving & following up on a five day seminar in goat husbandry to the club and local farmers. d) H.P.I. also donated improved grass seed for grazing areas and Guatemala grass (Tripsacum laxum) for forage during the dry season. 4) Generated interest in the clubs sheep project. a) The sheep project was initially funded by the American Embassy Self Help Fund for 60,000 francs CFA for building materials. b) 123,000 francs CFA from private donations has been invested in the project. c) Within a year of the projects start six sheep have been born. d) H.P.I. has donated a pure breed Dorset ram to breed with the local sheep. 5) Generated interest in the clubs cattle project. a) The cattle project was initially funded with a grant of 227,000 francs CFA from the American Embassy Self Help Fund for building materials. b) 190,000 francs CFA of the clubs money went to buy four local cows. c) H.P.I. donated a pure breed Jersey bull for breeding with the local cows. 6) Advised the club in their poultry project. a) Changed some of the zinc roof to translucent fiberglass to increase light in the chicken coop, thus hopefully increasing egg production. 7) Applied for and received 350,000 francs CFA grant from the International Women's Club of Yaounde, Charity Committee for dorm and kitchen repairs. 8) Applied for and received a generator from the British Embassy. 9) Applied for and received 90,000 francs CFA from H.P.I. for a water collection and storage system for the club.


1) Worked with the Nso', Oku, and Noni tribes. 2) Belonged to traditional tribal societies(Samba and Nfu). 3) Honorary title of ta manjong bah (leader of the military) was given to me by the Fon (Chief) of the Nso' tribe. 4) Actively participated in traditional ceremonies.


1) Selected by the Assistant Peace Corps Director to design and instruct two separate motorcycle safety and maintenance courses (5 weeks & 7 weeks). 2) Budgeted for the training. (about 800,000 francs CFA) 3) Created a logical training scheme given time restraints. 4) Revised old training material. 5) Created new materials for training. 6) Ordering and suppling of tools, motorcycle parts, and materials for the training. 7) Responsible for the actual training of the trainees. 8) Wrote a comprehensive thirty page report/lesson plans on the training. 9) MAINTENANCE LESSONS/OBJECTIVES:

LESSON 1 TOOLS AND GENERAL MOTORCYCLE PARTS a) Trainee will be able to demonstrate the use of the motorcycle tools. b) Trainee will be able to explain the general workings of the motorcycle. c) Trainee will be able to demonstrate his/her previous mechanical abilities.

LESSON 2 PRERIDE CHECK a) Trainee will be able to check out a new motorcycle before riding it.

LESSON 3 FLAT TIRE a) Trainee will be able to change and patch a flat tire.

LESSON 4 TRANSMISSION, FUEL PETCOCK, AND REAR MONO-SHOCK a) Trainee will be able to change the motorcycles transmission fluid at the correct intervals. b) Trainee will be able to take apart, clean, and reassemble the fuel petcock. c) Trainee will be able to adjust the mono-shock.

LESSON 5 OIL CABLES, SWITCHES, AND HEADLIGHT a) Trainee will be able to oil and grease the motorcycle cables. b) Trainee will be able to disassemble oil and reassemble the light switch. c) Trainee will be able to change the headlight bulb and "hot wire" the motorcycle.

LESSON 6 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL a) Trainee will be able to overhaul the carburetor.

LESSON 7 FRONT SHOCK ABSORBERS a) Trainee will be able to change the oil in the front shock absorbers.

LESSON 8 STEERING BEARINGS a) Trainee will be able to grease and tighten the front steering bearings.

LESSON 9 PISTON AND RINGS a) Trainee will be able to check and replace the piston, cylinder, and rings for wear.

LESSON 10 DECARBONIZE PIPES AND HEAD a) Trainee will be able to decarbonize the exhaust system.

LESSON 11 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE a) Trainee will be able to answer questions on the correct time to do maintenance.

LESSON 12 SWINGARM AND BRAKES a) Trainee will be able to grease the swingarm. b) Trainee will be able to check brakes for wear and change them if needed.

10) MOTORCYCLE RIDING LESSONS: a) Circle riding (flat surface) b) Obstacle course: Requires slow tight turns and going through poles to help with side judgement. c) Paved road riding. d) Dirt road/off road riding. e) Stopping and starting on a hill. f) Long ride (80 to 120 km) preferably dirt roads. g) Roll start. h) Night ride.

Additional work for Peace Corps includeded Director of Training for Motorcycle Riding and Mechanics in Togo, Mali and Liberia in 1987.

United States Peace Corps Africa Region 806 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Washington D.C. 1-800-424-8580 ext 265

Dates: 7/1987 - 10/1987 Position: Director of Training Supervisor: Margaret McLaughlin Title: Chief of Programing and Training


1) Conducted the training of Peace Corps host country national staff trainers in Togo, Mali & Liberia for P.C. Africa Region. 2) Responsible for motorcycle training curriculum development. a)Developed an 82 page motorcycle safety and riding training manual including:



Introductory lecture Country Policy Mounting & Dismounting Pre-ride check Fitting or helmets

RIDING LESSON 2 2 hr (1.5 hr.)

Location & Operating Controls Walking the motorcycle Buddy Push Identifying the friction point Riding in a straight line

RIDING LESSON 3 2 hr. (1.5 hr.)

Oval Riding / Posture Oval Riding with stops / starts Weaving Between Cones (Long slalom) Large Circles

RIDING LESSON 4 2 hr. (1.5 hr.)

Shifting To Second Gear (large oval) Shifting To Third Gear (large oval) Medium Circles


        	Weaving Between Cones (short slalom)

Principles of Braking Shifting Gears (tight oval) Lane Changes


Switch-Back Trail Controlling Rear Wheel Skids Emergency Braking Chicane


Shifting and Accelerating In a Turn Very Tight Circles Stopping on a Curve Starting on a Hill


Lecture on Street Riding

a) Animals b) People c) Drivers d) Horns e) Signals f) Lights

Street Ride

RIDING LESSON 9 2 hr. (1.5 hr.)

Riding on Pegs (large oval) Riding on Pegs (slalom) Riding on Pegs (over bumps) Riding on Pegs (in turns)


*Countersteering *Countersteering / lane changes *Countersteering / long slalom *Countersteering Chicane


*Braking on Pegs *Shifting on Pegs Climbing Hills / Weight Shift Descending Hills / Weight Shift *Traversing a Hill


Changing Direction on a Hill Stopping and Starting on a Hill Mud Sand


Mud Sand Trail Ride

RIDING LESSON 14 2 hr. (1.5 hr.)

Lecture Cross-culture / African Driving

a) Psychology b) Habits c) Defensive & Strategic Driving d) Night Ride

RIDING LESSON 15 (.5-1 day)

*Long Ride (all day)

* optional lessons

( hr.) minimum time

b) Developed and wrote a 72 page Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair manual including:



Two Stroke Oil Sparkplug Battery Fuse Clutch Cable Brake Cable Throttle Cable Throttle Grip Speedometer Cable Tachometer Cable Transmission Oil Light Bulbs Hot Wiring Switches


Clean Gasoline Tank Clean Fuel Petcock Adjust Rear Shock Absorber Clean Carburetor Clean Air Filter Bleed Two Stroke Oil Pump


Removing Wheels Changing Tires Spoke Tension Cleaning & Oiling the Chain Chain Tension Changing the Sprockets Changing Brake Shoes *Greasing Brake Cams *Greasing the Chain Tensioner


Decarbonize the Exhaust System Decarbonize the Cylinder Head Decarbonize the Piston *Check the Piston *Check the Piston Rings *Check the Piston Bearing


Grease the Swingarm Grease the Wheel Bearings Grease the Steering Bearings Align Front Shock Absorbers *Change Front Shock Oil *Change Front Shock Seals


C) Developed a maintenance schedule for the motorcycles

c) Defensive & Strategic Driving d) Night Ride

RIDING LESSON 15 (.5-1 day)