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{{wikipedia}}Opportunities in education range from teaching English, math, or science to special education teacher training to teaching at the university level.
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''If you can offer a more detailed description than this standard description the Peace Corps offers, please feel free to include that so others can get a better idea of what certain work areas consist of.''
== Specific Areas ==
[[Primary Education Teacher Trainer]] <br> Act as a resource for elementary school teachers and occasionally provide classroom instruction.
[[Secondary Education English Teacher Training]] <br> Train student teachers at teachers' colleges or provide in-service training to experienced teachers.
[[Secondary Education Math or Science Teaching]] <br> Teach basic concepts, including remedial math, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, and calculus.
[[Secondary Education English Teaching]] <br> Teach conversational English, English as a foreign language, or content-based English in middle and high schools.
[[Special Education Teacher Training]] <br> Work with education offices, schools, and local teachers, focusing on methodology, individualized instruction, classroom management, and resource development.
[[University English Teaching]] <br> Work with university-level students who need enhanced English-language skills to utilize academic and technical resources published in English.
== Statistics ==
'''[[Education]]''' currently represents '''30%''' of the volunteer jobs, with a breakdown by subsector being:<br> [[Primary Education Teacher Trainer]]: 6%<br> [[Secondary Education English Teaching]]: 15%<br> [[Secondary Education Math or Science Teaching]]: 5%<br> [[Secondary Education English Teacher Training]]: 2%<br> [[Special Education Teacher Training]]: 1%<br> [[University English Teaching]]: 2%<br> <br> By location:<br> <br> [[Education|Education Volunteers]]<br> '''35%''' are in [[Africa]]<br> '''34%''' are in [[Eastern Europe and Central Asia]]<br> '''16%''' are in [[Asia]]<br> '''7%''' are in [[Latin America]]<br> '''4%''' are in [[North Africa and the Middle East]]<br> '''3%''' are in [[Pacific Islands]]<br> '''1%''' are in [[The Caribbean]]<br> <br>
== Education Fund ==
Throughout the developing world, Peace Corps Volunteers are working in their communities to share the precious gift of education. Often Volunteer’s dedication to teaching is matched by a severe lack of supplies and facilities in which to help. [https://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=resources.donors.contribute.projDetail&projdesc=SPF-EDU Contributions to this fund] will help Volunteer and community projects such as school construction, English language training, school and library material, and adult literacy.
== External Links ==
[http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=learn.whatvol.edu_youth.edu Education] Official US Peace Corps Website

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