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== Naming History of the Country generally known as [[Congo]] or [[Zaire]] ==
== Naming History of the Country generally known as [[Congo]] or [[Zaire]] ==
*[[Republic of the Congo]](1960-1964)  
*Republic of the Congo(1960-1964) ''(note: not to be confused with [[Republic of the Congo]], a country west of the Congo river)''
*[[Democratic Republic of the Congo]](1964-1971)  
*[[Democratic Republic of the Congo]](1964-1971)  
*[[Republic of Zaire]] or [[Zaire]](1971-1997)
*[[Republic of Zaire]] or [[Zaire]](1971-1997)

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Naming History of the Country generally known as Congo or Zaire

During the time that Peace Corps had programs in this country it was called Zaire. The last volunteers and trainees were evacuated in early 1991. The Peace Corps Training Center in Bukavu was used not only to train Zaire volunteers but also volunteers destined for other Francophone countries in Africa. Between 1988 and 1991 the programs in effect were: Public Health Education, Public Health Administration, Agriculture (limited, only in certain areas), Pisciculture (fish ponds), Water and Sanitation (capping springs, digging wells and building latrines). The Peace Corps Office was located in Kinshasa and every region had a regional house for volunteers to stay at when picking up their allowances which occurred once per quarter. The regional house for Bas Zaire (now Bas Congo) was moved in 1989 from Mbanza Ngungu to Matadi.-- 10:48, 6 September 2007 (PDT)

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