Banks - Commerzbank Purchases Dresdner For Million

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The stock-market punishes the title Commerzbank following the order of Dresdner Bank for 9.8 million euros from insurance large Allianz, recently made official while in the evening that is late. After having moved a minimum to 18.26 euros to 18.37 euros Frankfurt Commerz shed practically 9% at list. Recover instead Allianz: After a negative begin major her to divest around 1, 5%, half sitting has found the indication that is optimistic and marks +0.25%.According to Allianz, the transaction shows a landmark within the path of consolidation of the bank segment in Germany. Over the past ten years, in fact, shows the biggest transaction between two institutions, after the birth - in'98 - HVB finished beneath the handle Of Unicredit that is Chinese. The concentration now moves on Deutsche experts and Deutsche Postbank, Allianz now gets the opportunity to concentrate on attivi