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Chongqing_Province, China
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Chongqing Province

Fuling: My site placement is in Fuling, Chongqing or more famously referred to as "River Town" via Peter Hessler's award winning novel. Fuling is a great site, the community is very friendly and the staff and students really need you and will do all they can to make you happy and comfortable. That said, it is a small town, and one that was closed off for many years and there is still a lot of dubiety regarding foreigners, which means a lot of stares and curiosity: this is all part of daily life.

Yongchuan: My husband and I teach mostly oral English in Yongchuan, a "small" city of about 300,000. Yongchuan has convenient transportation, lots of developments, and fairly clean air, though sitings of the moon are rare since the sky is most often cloudy. We think being a couple and being our age (67) has helped us make lots of connections in our community, including church and tai ji class. We are non-threatening and approachable; every bus ride is a relational adventure. As all of Chongqing, in the summer it is HOT; the winters are damp and chilly, settling around 40 degrees F. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound; you will love the outdoor markets. Dont' worry about the hot, spicy food; restaurants can cook very tasty non-spicy food on request. Just learn how to say "bu yao la jiao."