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  • The following are all the known countries that Peace Corps Volunteers have been posted. Categorize/Tag your with [[Category:Country]] to add to this page.
  • Countries' names have changed over the course of Peace Corps's history. Historical articles are acceptable under the former names of a country.
  • Please include all programming information from the period when Peace Corps served the country under a particular name...include dates to avoid confusion. Example: Republic of the Congo (1960-1964), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1964-1971), Republic of Zaire or Zaire (1971-1997), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1997-present).
  • See Countrypages for updates on article breakdowns.

Coffre-fort et armoire forte

La sécurité est devenu un problème récurrent... Il faut par exemple Armoire forte pour armes pour les chasseures Un Coffre-fort certifié pour les commercants et un Coffre-fort ignifuge pour un particulier Celà afin d'éviter les conséquences d'un cambriolage

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