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Comments on Testimonials

Sara Rhymer said ...
08:40, 24 May 2009 (PDT)
i should be trying to go to bed, but instead wandered over to the PC wiki. i agree that i really like the new layout. it makes the wealth of info it contains much easier to access. I found things i never knew existed. Though I am through medical, with invite in hand (5 wks to go! ahh!) i decided to browse through the medical information link on the right hand side near the top. sooo much i never knew! and i love the freedom of info act! they have posted the inspector general's report of the evaluation of the medical screening process.

all the questions of how long did it take to get medical to go through, how long from clearance to invite-- there are answers!!

it outlines what could be improved in the system etc etc. i remember finding one of these on the wiki for Peru (where i'll be serving) and it was neat to read. I'm also a big dork.