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Ecuador Regions
Azuay, Bolívar, Bolívar, Carchi, Cañar, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Galápagos, Guayas, Imbabura, Los Ríos, Los Ríos, Manabí, Manabí, Morona Santiago, Napo, Pastaza, Pichincha, Santa Elena, Sucumbios, Tungurahua, Zamora Chinchipe
Ecuador PC Sites
Agua Fría, Aloag, Ambato, Azogues, Babahoyo, Bahía de Caráquez, Ballenita, Baños, Biblian, Bucay, Cahuasquí, Chiguinda, Cotacachi, Cuenca, Diana Belle Dreyer, El Triunfo, Gualleturo, Guayaquil, Ibarra, La Entrada, La Libertad (Santa Elena Province), Lago Agrio, Loja, Machachi, Manglaralto, Manta, Milagro, Montecristi, Naranjal, Olón, Otavalo, Palmar, Quito, Riobamba, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Sucua

Region(s) Cañar
Country Ecuador
Volunteers who served in the region: Cañar
Stephen A. Church, Don Dilworth, Chuck Lippi, Gary F. Richardson, David Trevor Wright
Sites in: Cañar
Azogues, Biblian, Gualleturo
Projects in Cañar

Cañar follows the same naming convention as an article in Wikipedia. go there! What's this?

Cañar, Ecuador
Flag of Ecuador.svg
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Volunteers Who Have Served in Cañar

Name of community was Started service in Ended service in Served in sector Primary assignment was
Gary F. Richardson Cuenca
2438395.51964 2439126.51966 Agriculture
Chuck Lippi Gualleturo 2439856.51968 2440587.51970 Agriculture
Don Dilworth Betazos
2440587.51970 2442048.51974 Education
David Trevor Wright Azogues
Punta Gorda
2446066.51985 2447892.51990 Environment
Stephen A. Church Azogues 2450083.51996 2451179.51999 Agriculture

Cañar is a Sierran province in Ecuador. Its capital is Azogues. Its name comes from the Cañari Indians. Paja Toquilla (Panama hats) are often fabricated here, though they originated on the coast. Migration to other countries such as Spain, the US and Italy is high in Cañar.

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