Building sustainable livihoods in Tavush marze

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Building sustainable livihoods in Tavush marze
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Project Type(s):

Region: Tavush
Country: Armenia
Project located: yes
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Info about the Building sustainable livihoods in Tavush marze


Project objectives

The immediate (specific) objective of the project is increased capacity of the rural poor to manage their assets and agricultural resources and secure an increased income for the off-farm income generating.

The main targets set out in Armenia's interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper are achieved by joining efforts of all relevant state and non-state actors.

Project implementers

Project Leader: Dr. Curt Von Boguslawski European Union / European Commission World Vision Germany, Project started January 2005 and ended January 2008 World Vision International Armenia Branch

Address: #1, Romanos Meliqyan Str., Yerevan, RA Tel: (374 1) 74 91 48, 749147, 74 91 19, 74 91 18 Fax: (374 1) 73 91 46


Venue(s) of project implementation and project area

Project beneficiaries* or criteria and principles of their selection (solicited beneficiaries may also be mentioned, who will acquire improved life conditions and standards as a result of activities preformed by the immediate project beneficiary)

Project duration and/or project start or completion

Description and terms of project activities (in stages, if they may be distinguished) and volume of funds required

During the project implementation 3 years:

Brief description and volume of goods to be purchased, services and activities and anticipated cost (if the above mentioned components are available, then the contracting parties and the mediating juridical and natural persons, as well as those connected with the import of humanitarian lading must be indicated)*


Cooperation with state authorities, bodies of local governance and with other organizations (if cooperation is envisaged), the content and terms of cooperation

Midterm review and final project evaluation carries out by external monitoring and evaluation group.


From BSLT final report[[category:Armenia

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