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Training, 9 weeks, July – September 2007
Pre-service Training, Assomada, Santiago

- Lived with homestay family for 9 weeks
- Learned to speak Capeverdean Creole and Portuguese (110 hours)
o Received Intermediate High score on Portuguese Language Proficiency Test (received same score at end of service. Yay! Never tested in Creole)
- Attended technical training courses on education and community development (100 hours)
- Attended cross-cultural, health and safety training sessions (50 hours)

Mr. Newhouse successfully completed training and was sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer on September 1st, 2007. The Peace Corps placed him in Assomada on the island of Santiago, the third largest city in the country with approximately 20,000 people.

Primary project, 24 months, September 2007–September 2009
High School Drafting Teacher, Assomada, Santiago

- Developed and posted high school drafting course detailed manual [1]
- Taught 140 Junior and Senior high school students for 36 weeks how to draft a custom designed home using floor, roof, foundation, cut, elevation and perspective drawings to scale 1:100
- Restored drafting room that was closed (on arrival) due to equipment misuse
- Developed materials for the drafting room:
o Drawing plans to visualize each draft,
o Exemplary student-drawn plans to display exceptional work,
o Classroom rules and guidelines,
o Google Earth printout maps of the world, Cape Verde, island of Santiago and city of Assomada to remind students of the geography of their surroundings,
o Solar oven/solar still plans, pictures, and proposals (prepared by Nicholas Hanson) used for a solar oven and solar still

Secondary project(s), 24 months, September 2007–September 2009
Renewable Energy

- People to water cycle [2] (jpg of several viable projects and how they relate to people’s daily needs),
o Designed and built, with PCV Nicholas Hanson, co-workers and over 100 students at the technical school, three prototype models of a small-scale solar desalination unit as plausible resolution to dangerously arid climate [3]
o Designed and built a prototype solar hot water heater (untested)
- Registered Desol Ltd. - a company to import renewable energy technology and educate Capeverdeans on installation and maintenance of systems (only registered the company, never involved financial transaction to conform with Peace Corps regulations)(ongoing project)
o Co-wrote a 150-hour renewable energy course to implement into technical school curriculum, per request of the National Technical School Administration.
o Designed and presented a national renewable energy implementation strategy (Desol business plan) to the Minister of Energy and Industry (ongoing project)
- Discovered that by crushing glass bottles in a concrete mixer, the result cuts down the amount of sand needed to do stucco work (viable alternative to diminishing sand problem)


- Filmed, edited and produced twenty-four films with students, counterparts and other Peace Corps Volunteers. Thirteen of the better films are listed below in chronological order. Films can be found online at [4]:
o Achada Galego [5] – Assomada. (9m:33s). About homestay family during Pre-Service Training (PST).
o Pano de Terra [6] – Claudia Burns, Hortelão. (2:55). About a class to learn how to make Pano de Terra.
o Domingos [7] – Alex Alper, Serra Malagueta. (3:57). About an innovative farmer that has drip irrigation, fog nets and humidifying bottles.
o OMCV Tour for [8] – Assomada. (4:33). About a local microcredit insitution in Assomada. They are trying to get’s attention for help soliciting funds.
o Solar Still Phase I [9] (in Portuguese) [10] – Nicholas Hanson, Assomada. (5:36). About solar desalination and phase I (of III) a solar desalination project at the technical school in Assomada
o Capeverdean Wedding – Assomada. (19:17). About a traditional Capeverdean wedding.
o Country Stars Youth Group [11] – Aristides Vaz, Fonte Lima. (8:02). About a youth group that performs theatre, dancing and learns English together.
o Hidroponia [12] – Sergio Roque, São Domingos. (4:21). About hydroponics in Cape Verde.
o PCCV Staging Video – Praia. (12:01). Interviews with COS-ing volunteers from 2006-2008.
o Detroit Music Video [13] – Jay Borges, Assomada. (5:22). A music video from a local hiphop group called Detroit; named after what 50 Cent says to get the crowd pumped up, “Detroit what!”
o Concrete Tool Import [14] – Rhett Scarborough, Praia. (7:33). A PCV success story of importing modern construction tools from the US.
o Solar Panel Installation [15] – Sarah Mendelsohn, Andrew Vernaza, Hortelão. (5:07). About a PCPP project to install solar panels in a village that has never had electricity.
o Ceramica – Aristides Vaz, Fonte Lima. (12:37). About a successful local ceramic-making business.


- Wrote five essays on development work philosophy:
o Armed Social Work[16]. (388 words). About how the budget of Peace Corps compares to the recruiting budget of the Army, an organization adapting a Peace Corps approach to working in conflicted areas.
o A Steady Job [17]. (1009 words). What do people need to live? Here’s one answer that came to mind after I met a man named Alexandre from The Gambia.
o Philosophers will be Kings [18]. (254 words). There are three perpetual entities in the world and three possible ways our world could end. They are related. I think it is important we figure out how to learn about how best to avoid these potential disasters and of course, figure how to continue to raise the quality of life along the way.
o From Debt to Dirt [19]. (484 words). While you read these words, take a minute to count the ways you are climbing further into debt. That sucks. We need to rethink our lifestyle of dependency.
o Everything You Think is True [20]. (815 words). Each of us live in two worlds: the world in our head that consists of our thoughts and our memories. And the world that we all live in together. This consists of our physical world, our human society. One of the objectives for all people is to make the effort to make the physical world as pleasant for as many people as possible. This is the challenge.


- Co-initiated/co-designed PCCV volunteer website [21]
- Mentored counterpart to build school website as part of her bachelor’s thesis (not yet online)
- Documented all projects and personal experience on personal website, [22]