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If you have a Blogger account you can show volunteers' stories of your favorite country in real-time right on your own blog!


  • Currently serving volunteers
  • Applicants
  • Peace Corps Projects

(see here for examples)

Step 1

Log into your account.


Step 2

This will take you to your Blogger Dashboard, which is a list of all of your blogs on the site along with controls for customizing them. Select "Layout" for your desired blog.


Step 3

The "Layout" tab will be displayed, providing a graphical representation of your blog, including the area where blog posts appear and areas where you can add customized elements. Click on 'Add a Gadget'.


Step 4

Another window will open with a list of elements that you can add to your blog. Under "Basic" select the Gadget "Feed".


Step 5

Select your favorite RSS feed, copy/paste the URL into the "Configure Feed" dialog box and click 'Continue'. A shortcut for a list of all RSS feeds available through PeaceCorpsJournals is available here.

Popular Feeds:

(You can always add more feeds or change them later)


Step 6

Select how you would like the feed to look on your blog and click "Save" when satisfied. (You can always change it later)


Step 7

Left-click, hold, and drag the feed to where you would like it to be place. When satisfied, click on "Save." Then click "Preview" to see how your new feed appears. Use "Clear Edits" to undo the changes and start over.




Test Example
Uffda en Español in Peru
Retired & Inspired in Azerbaijan
Better than Middle Earth in Ecuador