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List from:


AO Administrative Officer
APCD Associate Peace Corps Director
APCMO Area Peace Corps Medical Officer
CD Country Director
CDA Country Desk Assistant
CDU Country Desk Unit
CHOPS Chief of Operations
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CIO Chief Information Officer
COS Close of Service
CWWS Coverdell World Wise Schools (program)
EMA Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia Region
ET Early Termination
FSN Foreign Service National
FY Fiscal Year
GAO General Accounting Office
GC General Counsel
HCN Host Country National
HDI Human Development Index
HRM Human Resources Management
IAP Inter-America and Pacific region
IST In-service Training
IPA Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IPBS Integrated Programming and Budget System
IG Inspector General
IT Information Technology
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
KSA Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Medevac Medical Evacuation
MI Master’s International (program)
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MS Manual Section
NGO Nongovernmental Organization
OACM Office of Acquisition and Contract Management
OCFO Office of the Chief Financial Officer
OCIO Office of Chief Information Officer
OGO Office of Global Operations
OMS Office of Medical Services
OPATS Office of Programming and Training Support
OPE Office of Public Engagement
OPSI Office of Private Sector Initiatives
OSIRP Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning
OST Overseas Staff Training
PCMO Peace Corps Medical Officer
PCR Peace Corps Response
PCRV Peace Corps Response Volunteer
PCT Peace Corps Trainee
PCV Peace Corps Volunteer
PCVHS Peace Corps Volunteer Health System
PCVL Peace Corps Volunteer Leader
PEPFAR President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
PSC Personal Service Contractor
PST Pre-Service Training
PTO Programming and Training Officer
QTRS Quarterly Trainee Report Summary
RPCV Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
RRO Regional Recruitment Office
SPA Small Project Assistance
S&S Safety and Security
STRAT Strategic Recruiter
TDY Temporary Duty
TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
TOT Training of Trainers
USAID U.S. Agency for International Development
USDH U.S. Direct Hire
VAC Volunteer Advisory Committee
VAD Volunteer Assignment Description
VDS Volunteer Delivery System
VRS Volunteer Recruitment and Selection
VS Volunteer Support
V/T Volunteer/Trainee